Teacher Reviews


Brajesh Lavania Botany (MadhyaPradesh)

Ever since I started using Eclassportal. My all tensions and worries are fade away. Thank you online smart classes.

Jaiswal Chemistry Classes (Madhya Pradesh)

Eclassportal is the best platform for teachers because there is an ultimate Question bank so teachers don’t have to waste their time in typing. Thanks To Online smart class.

Kota Study Circle (Chhattisgarh)

Now I can use one app for taking class as well as create test in online and offline mode. Thank you online smart classes.

RK Chemistry (Maharashtra)

Eclassportal is Amazing 2 in 1 platform for creating online and offline test paper.I can use both the mode to create test. Thank you online smart classes.

GD Classes (Maharashtra)

By Using Eclassportal I don’t need to have Computer or Laptop to create test, I can create test easily on my mobile. Thank you online smart classes.

The Study Circle (Chhattisgarh)

This Software is helpful to prepare test of multiple chapters/subjects as well as it can create test set wise such as SET A, SET B, SET C, AND SET D and also teachers can use their present location, there is no need to be present at same place Thank you online smart classes.

    Smart test generator software (offline)


    Very Nice...After using Smart test Generator i can my work smartly

    Biradar physics classes

    Must buy Software... because I am using it for 5 years...I have no issues...Best Service provider..

    Imran chemistry classes

    Great software...In emergency it is very useful tool to create tests

      Compilation system

      Sankalp classes

      Compilation...can add our desired data in the Software...In this process we can make this software according to our need...

      Quanta classes

      In Compilation system we don't need to check Question quality because the question bank compiled by self..


      No need of technical staff...when you go with Compilation system and also Time and Money saver